Thanks for picking up my parents at the airport. Their own Chauffeur, what Service! They were very happy that you were there waiting for them and I was equally happy that I didn’t have to leave work early to listen to my Fathers instructions on what the best way home was
L Sashin Riverdale, NY

My wife and her friends were very pleased with the NYC shopping trip and your driver. He was on time, friendly and attentive. They had a great time and said they wanted to use you again. The interesting thing is that after adding up what I saved in parking, and cabs the cost difference between them driving in and your driver taking them in and around was negligible. Next time they want to go we’ll …”Just call Mark”!
R. Phillip, White Plains, NY

You are a lifesaver! I had to go to the eye doctor and to the store to shop for out of town guests that were popping in. the weather was bad and don’t like to drive in the rain, especially after having my eyes dilated. Your driver was at my door at exactly when promised and I was able to leave the eye doctor immediately after the appointment even though my eyes were still dilated.
P.S. I got all my shopping done and had plenty of time to prepare for my last minute guests
M. Favreau, Irvington, NY